Bridges To Transition

The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, Jefferson County Board of DD, the Ohio Association of County Boards, 14 other Boards of DD, have established a program that expands and enhances school to work transition for youth with disabilities.

“Bridges to Transition” Is a program that is designed to provide training and resources, needed for successful transition from school to work, to individuals with developmental disabilities (ages 14 – 22). Services that are integral for the Bridges to Transition program include:

  • Educating individuals, families and schools about training/employment options for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Develop Individualized Employment Plans (IPE) to fit the need of the transition student.
  • Monitoring progress throughout service, to make sure IPE meets needs. Educate about effects of SSI/SSDI and Medicaid
  • Coordinate services with schools, in order to make a smooth transition
  • Linking individuals with the appropriate services for developing the skills needed in the workplace. Services include, but are not limited to: Job Shadowing, Job Coaching, Job Placement, Personal and Work Adjustment, Summer Youth Programs, Driver’s Evaluations, Drivers Education Tutoring etc.


To be eligible for the program, and services, students must have a Physical or Mental impairment, which results in an impediment to employment.


Determination is made by the following criteria:

  • Student must have a documented disability
  • Disability will/does interfere with getting or keeping a job.

Bridges to Transition Jefferson County is currently working with students from: Buckeye Local, Edison Local, Indian Creek, Toronto City, Steubenville City School Districts, the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, and also individuals from the Jefferson county DD Program.

For more information on the bridges to transition program, or to get signed up, please contact:

(740) 266-6167 Ext. 2118

Employment First and Intergration Efforts